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The Law Offices of David L. Moore has provided criminal defense representation on behalf of individuals since 1991. Our practice has tried federal, state, and local cases with trials to a jury and a judge alone. We welcome your basic questions and the opportunity to provide you with legal defense representation in the event that a criminal allegation is lodged against you. We’re here to help fight for your justice. 

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Areas of Criminal Law

drug offenses
traffic violations
burglary & theft
juvenile law
department of human services (DHS)

What is Criminal Law?


Criminal law is generally defined as the law that, to prevent harm to society, (1) declares what conduct is criminal and (2) prescribes punishment to be imposed for such conduct. While criminal law includes the definition of specific offenses and general principles of liability, substantive criminal laws are commonly set out in criminal or penal codes. Criminal law also consists of the procedure through which a criminal case progresses, commencing with the initial investigation of an alleged criminal act and concluding with the Court determining if a person bears responsibility to the community for the act. Criminal procedure more generically describes a network of laws, rules, and regulations that govern the procedural administration of the criminal justice system, the doctrine governing arrest, search and seizure, and release bonds. These are matters of great concern to the judicial system, as well as evidentiary and proof of fact matters.


The State of Arkansas’ criminal offenses are listed and defined in Title V of the Arkansas Code Annotated. Criminal offenses contain issues as minor as traffic offenses up to and including offenses involving capital punishment. Representation for alleged felony offenders is primarily pursued through a jury trial. Penalties may range from suspended sentences and drug court up to and including life without parole or the penalty of death. However, less severe offenses below the felony level are generally brought before the District Court serving that particular jurisdiction of Arkansas. District Court cases involve allegations of the commission of offense or offenses up to and including a Class A misdemeanor-defined offense. Penalties may range from up to one year of incarceration and/or a maximum fine of $2,500.00.

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