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The Law Offices of David L. Moore has provided personal injury law representation for 30+ years on behalf of individuals and their families across Crawford County. Our office welcomes the opportunity to meet with you and address any questions and concerns you may have in our effort to provide you with qualified assistance and representation in all matters about injury and damage to your person, loved ones, or property. 

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Areas of Personal Injury Law

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What is Personal Injury Law?


Injuries are typically any wrong or damage done to another, either to his person, rights, reputation, legally protected interest, or property. Injuries may be considered absolute, accidental, bodily, civil, irreparable, permanent, personal, private, public, real, relative, repairable, or verbal. As can be seen, injury can take many forms and not be readily visible to the average person.


The area of law practice pertaining to personal injury typically involves such matters as automobile, motorcycle, tractor-trailer, boating, and other operation of motorized machinery. Personal injury can include issues such as an act on the part of another person or persons whose actions have caused injury to your person and/or property. Some clients have also had issues revolving around medical, dental, mental health, physical rehabilitation, and repair, if possible, of a person’s personal property. The idea is to return the victim of the offense to as close as possible to the condition of their person and/or property before the injury.

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We understand legal matters can be overwhelming. The Law Offices of David L. Moore is here for you. We’re committed to delivering personalized and compassionate legal solutions tailored to your unique situation. Contact our office today for a consultation. We charge $50 for our initial meeting, which is applied toward your retainer once you become a client. 

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