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Since 1991, the Law Offices of David L. Moore, P.A. has provided professional legal assistance to adult and juvenile individuals pertaining to family law. Our offices have provided this representation in all these areas for individuals in both plaintiff and/or defense capacity. Our offices also offer legal assistance to and on behalf of grandparents and other family members seeking to be involved in a particular case and to provide a safe haven for juveniles. In order to provide better representation, our office attends ongoing Continuing Legal Education each year in an effort to strengthen our guidance and representation through ever-developing family law areas and to maintain an awareness of family law decisions issued by the Courts of the State of Arkansas and other states.

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Areas of Family Law

child custody
Child support
child protective services
power of attorney

What is Family Law?


Family law is a branch of specialty law commonly called “domestic relations” law. In the State of Arkansas, family law is located within Title IX of the Arkansas Code Annotated. In Title IX, there are numerous family law issues pertaining to adoption, paternity, marriage and divorce, child custody and visitation, spousal and child support, domestic abuse, and qualified domestic relations orders. 


Title IX also includes issues about minor individuals whose hearings are conducted under Juvenile Court guidelines and proceedings. Juvenile Court proceedings typically involve child abuse and neglect proceedings, juvenile delinquency proceedings, and proceedings in which the State of Arkansas is seeking to terminate custody of a parent to a child because of primary neglect and/or to terminate parental rights of a parent to a child.

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We understand legal matters can be overwhelming. The Law Offices of David L. Moore is here for you. We’re committed to delivering personalized and compassionate legal solutions tailored to your unique situation. Contact our office today for a consultation. We charge $50 for our initial meeting, which is applied toward your retainer once you become a client. 

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